So in this post I am going to talk about energy ! Yes we all want it all the time and we all want to have it always more. I workout everyday I would say 3-5 hours, that includes my classes and my training and stretching.

Usually I have 2 classes to give and thats in the evening so in the day or in the morning I can concentrate on myself. I will work on stretching and getting more flexible and do some strength moves. Its hard to fit everything into one day so I try to do Back stretching one day and legs on the other day.

I feel the more I workout the more energy I get, cause if I dont workout for one day I can already feel laziness crawling into me :D.  Since everyone I know in the pole community is super bendy and strong I feel that I need to work extra hard to get somewhere. I am happy of how far I have come but there is always a goal in my mind to get better. I have always been this kind of energy bunny, music always gets me going so if you feel low on energy just put on some great music like hmm well what gets me always going is ; Michael Jackson-Beat it

Another great thing that gets my energy levels up is looking at different pole dance videos and trying new tricks.


So I can say that my energy comes from just doing it more and more and keeping myself always motivated to get more stronger, more fitter and of course more flexible, cause in pole dancing the more flexible you are the more you can achieve. That i s why I want to be flexible like Marion Crampe and Amy Hazel. They are just amazing and super flexible!

I hope it helps a little knowing where my energy mostly comes and maybe it will help you as well 🙂

In my next post I will talk about food and what I like to eat since as a poledancer you want to look fabulous and consume a lot of protein and in my next post I will let you know what I am currently taking and eating 🙂


If you have questions feel free to ask them 🙂

Xoxo PoleMayhem