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So todays post is about what supplements do I use :)? Well I will be honest I am not so much into that so called Healty eating, as I like to eat what I like not worring so much about the calories altough I try to maintain a well balanced diet or just try to eat normally.  But what is actually normally eating? Well I would say that you should get enough of vitamins and minerals from your food.

I take some extra supplements since I have kind a hectic schedule so I cant actually plan my food ahead so that why I always carry a protein bar with me so that when I am on the go or finishing a class I can grab a protein bar. I started recently taking some protein shake as well and its quite good actually, usually for me its hard to drink these protein shakes mostly because they taste like shit … Like literally 😀 I understand that its meant to be taken as a supplement and it does not have to taste like super good but it would be nice if it atleast would taste like food and good.

So at  the moment I am taking this protein :

Fusion Pro Protein

Its flavour is Chocolate chip Mint ice cream so pretty yummy. It mixes with water pretty well and looks like a smoothie. The taste is like ice cream so I could definetly recommend this as its super good and tasty.Consisting of the ideal blend of 50% Whey Protein for fast absorption and protein synthesis and 50% Casein for slow absorption and steady amino acid release, Fusion Pro™’s unique protein blend is the ideal ratio for anyone looking to build and maintain lean muscle mass. I will keep you posted on how it works on me as I am not looking to put on more mass but just keep my calorie intake low to lose some weight 🙂 .

The next thing I am using is BCAA.

Again its the same company as my protein shake. And its this one: Dedicated BCAA Sensation


So this I take during my training as it helps the muscles to recover and gives the muscles necessary  BCAA branch vitamins. It definetly helps with performance and energy. Taste wise it tastes like a lemonade or soda.

Next my protein bars 😀 Im sorry about the bad quality for the picture 😛

Protein Bars

So the first one is Lennys and Larrys Complete cookie.

It contains 16 grams of protein and it tastes like OMG amazing its sooo good its seriously like a real cookie ! I was skeptical as I have had some protein bars that are just so gross that pheuuuuu, For example Mission bar urgh that is one nasty bar 😀 Do not buy that shit  ;D

The cookie it self is huge so basically for me it fills my tummy really well cause seriously its big and tasty so definetly recommend this as its really really good so definetly ordering some more 😀

Then OATEIN oats and protein flapjack

Its a good one basically its like an oat cookie this kind of soft, half covered in chocolate. It has 19g of Protein per 75g Flapjack so thats really good.Great source of Complex Carbohydrates for slow energy release and it a excellent source of fibre. So really good as well.

And the last but not least :

Take a Whey Joyful Chocolate

Now this one is super tasty cause it tastes just like chocolate me and my hubby compare it to Milkyway chocolate. It is super good and tasty .It has 11grams of protein and only 118kcal so again a pretty good ratio. This I like to eat as a snack when ever I get the craving for sugar and I get that a lot ;D I LOVE SUGAR ! Cant get over that sadly and bagels like OMG! Sorry got side tracked .

But these are the supplements I am taking at the moment I love these foods as they are just helping me eat healthier and give me more energy. I dont use them everyday but mostly on the days when I am super busy.

As a Pole dancer you use a lot of muscle and energy in class as you have to make tricks with your own body weight and its good to recover a bit faster and just get some good source of protein into your muscle as its the main base for your muscles.

Since when you lose weight the first thing you start to lose is muscle not fat, that is why bodybuilders have Bulking season which is when  you put on a lot of weight meaning  fat and muscle and eat a lot more then usually and then comes Shredding season which is the time for a diet where you try to lose the excess fat and keep on the muscle. And that is too quite difficult.

I know that a lot of girls think that eating protein makes you huge and gives you big muscles well I would have to say that this is not true! Seriously even for body builders it is super hard to gain muscle since you need you eat massive amounts of fooods to actually grow big muscels. If you use a protein shake as a meal instead of a real meal then that will definitely not make you grow muscle. To grow you need to eat massively and train massively. Plus a big role is genetics if you dont have a what I like to call a so called muscle gene then you probably can eat a lot and still not put on massive amounts of muscle. So please stop thinking that eating a little bit of protein is going to make you huge! Its a false opinion.

Cause I have a lot of muscle and I have not trained myself in this way to get muscle cause when I started I ate everything I wanted and I only poledanced so technically I just take muscle on easily yet I know people who have been putting a lot of work in the gym but have no muscle mass. As my boyfriend said I have a leading Male gene that helps me put on muscle more easily then some other girls. So basically I am a  Man with vagina 😀 Jep thats what we came up with ( its humor) 😀

Here is a picture of me before and after pole dance:

Before and After

So I hope this helps you understand a little bit about gaining mass and adding on some lean muscle and gives you an idea what supplements I take.

If you have questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment :).

Xoxo PoleMayhem